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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Felipe's Pool Service, LLC specializes in maintaining residential swimming pools. We are experienced in using all types of sanitation systems such as chlorine and salt generator pools. Our monthly maintenance cycles consist of weekly and twice weekly visits to balance water, thoroughly clean the pool, and service the filtration equipment. Our goal is keeping water in balance to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs and ensure clear comfortable water.


When cleaning the pool, our technicians will thoroughly vacuum, brush waterline tile or vinyl, skim the surface, and empty all skimmer and pump baskets. While servicing the filtration equipment we will make sure the filter is clean and is providing adequate pressure to allow proper water circulation. At Felipe's Pool Service, LLC, we believe that it’s your job to enjoy your swimming pool and it’s our job to maintain it. For a free estimate, please contact us today!

  • Swimming Pool Repairs We can repair or replace pool water pumps, motors, filters, lights, pool cleaners (such as Polaris® pool cleaners), chlorinators, and all other swimming pool equipment.

  • Chlorine to salt system Conversion


  • Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Pricing for weekly and twice weekly cleanings will vary. Call today for an estimate!
  • Other Services Pricing on other services will vary.  Call us today for your free estimate!       615-425-8313 
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